Livin’ la Vida Lagos: A Millennial’s Wails

While we are all still wondering if 2019 has overstayed or not, see this as a gentle reminder that we have only a few more days to go. What will determine if the year was productive or not, will be the numbers of zeros in your bank account. As a citizen of this crazy Gen …

HBO’s Ballers Review: Spencer Strassmore is One Lucky Fella

Spencer Strasmore strolled out the office after handing his resignation letter to his partner Joe Krutel (Rob Corddry) like a hero. Just a regular day in the life of "Spencer the Spontaneous," except his spontaneity is his bane. A former NFL player who failed out of the league, chews pills like gums, can't get anyone …

The Nigerian nation against General Buhari by Prof. Wole Soyinka


This article was first published in January 2007 on Sahara  Reporters with the title The Nigerian Nation Against General Buhari.

This intervention has been provoked, not so much by the ambitions of General Buhari to return to power at the head of a democratic Nigeria, as by declarations of support from directions that leave one totally dumbfounded. It would appear that some, myself among them, had been overcomplacent about the magnitude of an ambition that seemed as preposterous as the late effort of General Ibrahim Babangida to aspire yet again to the honour of presiding over a society that truly seeks a democratic future. What one had dismissed was a rash of illusions, brought about by other political improbabilities that surround us, however, is being given an air of plausibility by individuals and groupings to which one had earlier attributed a sense of relevance of historic actualities. Recently, I published…

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Game of Thrones: A Fine Ending, A Response.


My friend is an apologist of Daenerys. We had a long talk after the season finale, he was gravely disappointed. I have a different view to it though. This is one big TV Show which has managed to not be the death of its literary source, and in the grandeur of high fantasy failed to lose touch of reality. This is why I find this shrill cry out here -this protest against the wrong done to a character- very surprising. How we crave for the fantastic and wonderful blurs our vision of reality sometimes. The dragon Queen was meant to be the fantastic and terrific heroine. So when Aegon Targaryen VI killed his lover and his queen, many were so displeased with such a dénouement that they lost sight of the great sacrifice that man made for the sake of a better realm.

Photo Credit: HELEN SLOAN | HBO


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Opinion Editorial: Two Bloggers Weigh in on Nigeria Elections

The Frustrated Pan African

1st Speaker: Buhari must go and Atiku must not come in 2nd Speaker: If wishes were horses, even beggars will ride The Frustrated Pan African eavesdropped in a conversation between two Nigerian youths. We rallied around and got two Nigerian bloggers give their take on the dialogue. This is their verdict. OLAMIDE WILLIAMS: Curator and …